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this is really just a place for me to post things about large moose-puppies as well as a few themes and bits of code here and there

the viking to my moose

Fudge [Theme 14]

~{ My first christmassy theme O_O }—

live preview - download

  • Up to 10 custom links
  • Sidebar image/gif 200px by 200px — will automatically resize (best if you can use square images) 
  • Customisable colours, links & background
  • Background image aligned top left
  • Optional fading ‘greyscale’ on all images (hover for colour)
  • Can be used as a ‘normal’ theme as snow is optional.
  • Customisable snow colour
  • Description can be as long as you like — comes with autoscroll

Sidebar gif and background made by me.
Optimised for Chrome.

Any glitches, or questions, hit up my ask. Thanks :3

Please don’t remove credit, a like or reblog would be appreciated!

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