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the viking to my moose


"You know why God cast me down? Because I loved him. More than anything."

Sam Winchester - Sharp Teeth




just…love him ♥

8.14 Trial and Error

What are your OTPs? :) —deputysteter

Hello there —

Quite a random question, but… Eh, here goes?

  • Seric/Luciferic ( Sam Winchester ( or Sam!Lucifer ) and Eric Northman)
  • Samifer
  • Wincest/Swesson

They’re the main ones for me?  OTP’s are mainly slash, but I like Sam/Ruby too… TBH, in the right scenario I can ship pretty much anything - O_O

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Hi there, your Smith and Wesson theme is absolutely wonderful, so gorgeous. I was wondering if I could get the GIFs and background images? Obviously, full credit would be given to you as the maker. I just can't make GIFs to save my life, lol. Thank you, again, for the amazing theme. —Anonymous

Hey there anon… 

Sure thing… Here are the images from the preview… If you’re going to use elsewhere credit would be lovely!  Thanks :3

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