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it's nice. there is cake.
if your brain starts to itch there's a lobotomy saw on the coffee table.

this is really just a place for me to post things about large moose-puppies as well as a few themes and bits of code here and there

the viking to my moose


Sam Winchester Meme » ♫ sam!centric fanmix [1] »Open your eyes [listen]

1. where are the heroes - the red jumpsuit apparatus; 2. prayer of the refugee - rise against; 3. confined - as i lay dying; 4. metalingus - alter bridge; 5. open your eyes - guano apes; 6. you’re going down - sick puppies; 7. monster - the automatic; 8. outside - staind; 9. still unbroken - lynyrd skynyrd; 10. get through this - the art of dying; 11. the phoenix - fall out boy; 12. if i had a heart - fever ray; 13. cult of personality - living colour; 14. soldier of fortune - deep purple; 15. wayward one - alter bridge; 16. by myself - linkin park; 17.monster - imagine dragons; 18. airplanes - travis garland

well, ain’t you a glass half full.

Sam + Blue

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screencap meme | sam + bruised & battered